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How To Dissolve Prostate Stones

Common signs of prostate stones are displayed if you are having trouble starting a stream of urine, having a trickling or weaker flow of urine, or if the urine goes in waves. These are all signs of prostate stones blocking your flow. Calcified protein particles form prostate stones that are called corpora amylacea - and these are small stones that calcifiy in the prostate. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is very common for men to experience a as they age. BPH is a swelling of the prostate. This swelling can cause the prostate to produce fluids that accumulate in the small gland.

Penis Rejuvenation: P-Shot

Should you take a shot on the P-Shot? Let's talk about this no-muss, no-fuss penis rejuvenation procedure and see if it's right for you.

5 Ways to Prevent Penis Chafing and Preserve Penis Health

Preventing penis chafing isn't hard when a man follows a few simple tips to keep his penis happy and healthy. Read on to find out more.

A Sore Penis Doesn't Mean No Orgasm

What happens when a man has a sore penis but needs an orgasm anyway? There are many ways a man can still enjoy himself despite penis irritation.

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Elongated and Fatter Penis Through Exercise

Anyone who has spent any amount of time in the gym knows that it's hard work getting in shape. It takes patience and perseverance to see results but the payoff is well worth the effort. The same principal applies when exercising your penis. If you want a longer and fatter penis then not only must […]

Is my penis small for my age?

My penis size is only like 5 inches long when it's hard and I'm almost 16. I've read other things that said the average 16 year old should have a 6 inch or more penis size. Is my penis going to grow any? It just seems smaller then what it should be. I'm not sure […]

How Long to Regenerate Sperm after Ejaculation

From the instant that you ejaculate into your partner, what is the total amount of time (like one hour, two hours etc.) needed to regenerate your sperm? In other words, how long before a man can cum again after he has shot his load? Is there anything you can do to increase that time? There […]

Disconnected Vas Deferens and Erection Problems

My boyfriend was born with his Vas Deferens disconnected at birth. I am wondering if this could contribute to a low sex drive. Would it also affect his ability to get an erection? A disconnected vas deferens should really only affect his ability to reproduce (it's the same as if he had a vasectomy). Since […]

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